PTP600 Serisi
PTP600 Serisi

Motorola Point-to-Point 600 Series Wireless Ethernet Bridges

You Shouldn’t Need a License to Speed.

With wireless Ethernet bridging, you typically have needed a license to go fast. Because a license reserved a part of the radio spectrum just for you, wireless links encountered less interference, and, as a result, could go farther, faster, at higher capacity and with greater reliability.


Motorola changed all that with its unlicensed wi4 Fixed Point-to-Point (PTP) 600 Series Wireless Ethernet Bridges. Operating in the 5.4 and 5.8 GHz bands, PTP 600 bridges combine the speed and reliability of licensed wireless with the flexibility of the unlicensed space, sparing you the delay and expense of applying for a license to set up IP and circuit-switched wireless networks.

In addition to unlicensed-band solutions, the PTP 600 family of bridges includes the PTP 25600 model which operates in the 2.5 GHz licensed spectrum. The PTP 25600 bridges are designed to support a variety of Educational Broadband Service (EBS) applications with high-throughput, spectrally-efficient connectivity and low latency. (It is recommended that regulatory conditions for radio-frequency bands be confirmed prior to system purchase.)



Productivity    Payoff


Typically, the PTP 600 system’s performance means more productive users, less interference, lower cost of ownership and fewer connection points. In fact, Motorola PTP 600 Series solutions are often the lower-cost option when you consider:

  •  The business impact from being able to connect in an area already saturated with RF or in environments that were previously inaccessible
  •  The capabilities to support more bandwidth- sensitive applications, such as multimedia or voice-over-IP
  •  The impact of reducing or eliminating the recurring costs associated with leased T1/E1 lines
  •  The ability to backhaul more local loops using a single link
  •  The capabilities to expand video surveillance applications beyond the constraints of a wired network
  •  The impact of having higher reliability and speed without having to pay licensed spectrum fees